Depan Kyoushi Impression


Junichirou Kagami is a young published physicist, a genius, and a hopeless otaku. At the mercy of YD, a self-diagnosed illness which causes him to only be able to do what he “Yearns to Do,” Junichirou foregoes his scientific career to maintain and improve his anime blog.

Now by this general explanation your probably thinking this anime is just another series about a self-absorbed otaku. Although thankfully he actually becomes a teacher and our main character Junichiro Kagami helps his different students overcome a variety of problems in a multitude of ways.

Apart from this, however, I do have the say the artwork was just ok, not bad in any regards but just ok with the story at some points being repetitive. Other then that its a good watch if you’re into Comedy, Romance, School Genres and like a different type of main character.

I will be doing a full in-depth review of this soon over on Anime Chat Reviews Youtube Channel so I do hope to see you all soon.

Shokogeki no souma (Food Wars) Season 2 Review

Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara or Food Wars! The Second Plate

The qualifiers of the Autumn Elections are now over, and only eight talented chefs remain. Now, they face off in one-on-one food wars, each with their own unique themes. Met with both new judges and new opponents all with their own specialties, Souma must stay on his toes if he hopes to make it to the top of both the Autumn Elections and Tootsuki Culinary Academy.

Citrus Impression


So I’ve watched the first two episodes of this anime so far and kind of feel let down, other then the yuri scenes this is just your typical high school anime.

With the exception of the art style being very beautiful and the story complimenting the homosexual romance. I didn’t find any good qualities past this.

So, if you’re into a yuri drama romance this anime will definitely be for you but unfortunately, it’s a real hit or miss anime at this point in time for anyone else.