Violet Evergarden Anime Review

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Violet Evergarden’s story starts with the Great War finally coming to an end after four long years of conflict; fractured in two, the continent of Telesis slowly began to flourish once again. Caught up in the bloodshed was Violet Evergarden, a young girl raised for the sole purpose of decimating enemy lines. Hospitalized and maimed in a bloody skirmish during the War’s final leg, she was left with only words from the person she held dearest, but with no understanding of their meaning.

Recovering from her wounds, Violet Evergarden starts a new life working at CH Postal Services after a falling out with her new intended guardian family. There, she witnesses by pure chance the work of an “Auto Memory Doll,” amanuenses that transcribe people’s thoughts and feelings into words on paper. Moved by the notion, Violet begins work as an Auto Memory Doll, a trade that will take her on an adventure, one that will reshape the lives of her clients and hopefully lead to self-discovery.

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Usagi Drop Anime Review

Daikichi Kawachi is a 30-year-old bachelor working a respectable job but otherwise wandering aimlessly through life. When his grandfather suddenly passes away, he returns to the family home to pay his respects. Upon arriving at the house, he meets a mysterious young girl named Rin who, to Daikichi’s astonishment, is his grandfather’s illegitimate daughter! The shy and unapproachable girl is deemed an embarrassment to the family and finds herself ostracized by her father’s relatives, all of them refusing to take care of her in the wake of his death. Daikichi, angered by their coldness towards Rin, announces that he will take her in—despite the fact that he is a young, single man with no prior childcare experience. Usagi Drop is the story of Daikichi’s journey through fatherhood as he raises Rin with his gentle and affectionate nature, as well as an exploration of the warmth and interdependence that are at the heart of a happy, close-knit family.

Godzilla: Planet of Monsters. Finally a Godzilla Anime

Godzilla: Planet of Monsters

This might have been an anime movie that slipped under your radar or it was one you casually saw browsing Netflix. Either way, it had its global release on January 18, 2018.

The plot of the movie is your usual Godzilla style of plot, with giant monsters and whatnots. However, this particular movie is after the earth has been terrorized by countless Kaiju and humanity is on the brink of destruction. Deciding that humanity can’t defeat Godzilla, they flee the planet in search of a new home. Things end up looking grim for them in space so humanity heads back to earth in a last ditch effort to take back their home from Godzilla. To their shock, they find out thousands of years have passed then they originally expected, an earth relative to their 20. The planet’s landscape hasn’t changed much but the plants and creatures on it have. With this movie being the first of three the ending is a bit of a cliffhanger,  but none the less it does set things up for what’s to come.

The plot for this movie does start off with a bit a bang but then fizzled out rather quickly. It does then explode with action at the very end. This being the very last scene, that cliffhanger, was probably the best part of the movie along with the opening narration. I’m not sure if it was just this movie or if it’s because I’ve seen so many Godzilla movies before, but the last fight towards the end of the movie didn’t pack as much of a ‘wow’ punch as I would have liked. It just seemed a bit plain… That probably let me down the most with this movie, but the thing that made it hard to watch was the CG.

As you may know from some of our reviews we really don’t like CG. We can understand why it needs to be used in some scenes for certain anime because of restrictions in a drawing aspect and to do with budgets. However, we really don’t like it when a movie or series uses it as its main animation. The finish on it is never as smooth or nicely done (especially with movement) as traditional anime styles. With time CG will get to a point where it isn’t as much of an eyesore as it has been, and this movie is taking a step in the right direction for that. The overall look for isn’t as bad as some of the other CG series we have watched in the past. But, still points all look smooth with nice detail however it still has the janky movement CG is known for. Most of this janky movement coming from the characters themselves.

The characters in this movie were nothing to write home about. From what we saw of them there wasn’t much to them in terms of depth. Even the main character had a pretty shallow feel to him. Wanting to take back his home from Godzilla and that’s kind of it. All the other characters just seem to be there for narrative purposes and don’t leave much of a lasting impression. Unlike that originally Godzilla roar.

The soundtrack and effects used throughout the movie are consistently good and what Godzilla movie wouldn’t be complete without that original roar. Hearing the first roar is always a highlight in any Godzilla movie and they seemed to know that for this one. In the opening narration having the perfect opportunity to use the soundbite but instead teasing Godzilla’s roaring without any sound. This made the actual roar towards the end of the movie all the more satisfying.

Overall this wasn’t a terrible movie and we did enjoy it. An anime Godzilla has been needed for a while and although we’re disappointed it was done with CG at least it wasn’t the worst CG we’ve seen. With it actually showing improvements. The second movie is due to come out in May 2018 which is only 4 months after this one’s release.

So we look forward to the next one in hope that there is more focus on the fight scenes having flair and the characters getting some personality and depth to them.

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Hunie Pop Gameplay Series #5

Gameplay focuses on the player character (who can be male or female) interacting with several different women, each of whom has her own distinct personalities and preferences. The player can interact with women by talking to them and giving them gifts. Doing this rewards the player with “Hunie”, an in-game currency that can be used to upgrade the player’s stats. These stats allow the player to earn more points during dates, increasing their chance of success.

In order to progress through the game, players must take the women on dates, where they will play a tile matching game where they must make matches of 3 or more of the same tokens. The player must earn enough points to complete the date before they run out of moves. Each woman has a specific type of token that they like and dislike, and players will gain more points if they match the type of token that woman prefers. The player can also use special items called “date gifts” during their dates which grant positive effects to help the player earn more points. After a successful date, the player is rewarded with a picture of the woman the date was with. Each successful date will also raise the game’s difficulty, making subsequent dates require more points to complete. After 3 successful dates with a woman, the player will be able to take them on a date at night, and if that date is successful, the player can bring the woman to their bedroom for one final round of tile matching (and, if this is successful, have sexual intercourse with the player). Unlike regular dates, the player will have unlimited moves to complete the bedroom game, but the score meter constantly drains over time, so to win, the player must make matches quickly until the meter is full.

Throughout the game, the player is guided by Kyu, a love fairy set on turning the player into a successful Lothario. She gives the player tips on how to interact with each woman and explains how the game’s various mechanics work. She also becomes dateable after one bedroom game.

Grancrest Senki


Oh, Grancrest Senki this anime is shaping up to be a fulfilling one after only 2 episodes with the artwork and fight scenes were spectacular! I do hope to see more from this anime in the near future as the story has got me enthralled.

For anyone who’s interested in fantasy, Magic and a story of conquest this is definitely something to look forward to and I do look forward to doing a full review on our youtube channel once the anime has been completed.

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka ANIME REVIEW

ACCA—a national body of the kingdom of Dowa that provides public services to the citizens of the country—was established as part of the peace settlement between the king of Dowa and the 13 states of the country during a revolt. One hundred years later, Dowa is in a period of unprecedented peace, due in part to the ACCA system. However, rumors of a coup d’état start to surface. Jean Otus, the second-in-command of the inspection department of ACCA, is charged with inspecting all 13 state branches. What will he discover as he performs his audit?

Intriguing and mysterious, ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka is a politically-themed mystery that reveals a world of diverse cultures and lifestyles, with intricate connections between its characters, as the truth of the coup d’état slowly unfolds.

Darling in the FranXX Impression


Darling in the FranXX – Episode one has come out recently and I had the chance to check this anime out and with that wanted to offer my opinion on it.

The story is set in a ruined land within an establishment called a Plantation where young adults are trained to fight mysterious giant lifeforms known as Kyouryuu.

Now does that sound cool, does it sound interesting enough to watch?. While I did enjoy the story that was offered I did feel the art was lacking in some areas and do hope this is somewhat corrected in future episodes to come.

So leaving you on that thought, If you’re interested in Mecha and Sci-fi with a bit of romance I guess, this is purely judged on the first episode. You’ll probably enjoy this anime, and I do look forward to watching more of this series and completing a full review on my youtube channel soon.